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Master Studies Institute

provides group work that brings opening, awakenings and deep healing for life issues through a combination of trancework, group processes, meditative practices and metaphysics studies. Not only does group work take participants deeper but they learn practices and methods they can use to continue their journey of self-discovery and self-mastery. You are the Master of your life and your growth and your healing. We help you learn how to continue this journey.

Many ancient practices are incredible for awakening to your true nature and those practices take dedication and hard work and usually many, many years of practice sometimes without apparent results. These practices are worthwhile for anyone to pursue. They provide a stabilization in a person's life that. Unfortunately, most of us are not able to invest the time or have the solitude for these practices. Also, in the Western World authentic teachers of these ancient practices are difficult to find.

In our busy Western Culture we yearn for deeper teachings and living with more authenticity and truth. We have not been taught the skills to meet our heart's yearning. Everything we provide is tested over many years and gives our participants the ability to become more authentic in their communication with others and go deeper in their relationships, have better communication and resolve old life patterns.

Join us in this journey of Self-Discovery, Self-Mastery and Awakening.

We provide the Enlightenment Intensive; the Life Transfromation Intensive; Couples Retreats, The Basics of Clearing (Mind Clearing), Karma Clearing Weekends; as well as other teachings, such as, Dyad Evenings and Weekends; and The Truth (a journey of self-discovery).

Also provinding supervision for Mental Health Counselor Associates, Marriage and Family Therapy Associates, and Certified Counselors - see website: Supervision

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What are You Goals In Life?

Do you want deeper contact with others?

Do you want to be more open?

Do you want more success?

Do you want deep spiritual connection?

Do you want to improve your relationships?

Do you want to create amazing depth of relationship in your life?

Do you want the live you dream of or the default life your unconscious thought create?

Do you want to be more fulfilled in your life?

Do you want less attachment to your desires in life?

Do you want less suffering?

Do you want to be free of past traumatic memories?