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Robert Keller photoOur Primary Facilitator for our seminars is Kevala Keller.

He has a Masters Degree in Psychology with an emphasis is Marriage, Child and Family Counseling. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, A Licensed Mental Health Counselor and I am an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist.

He has been practicing therapy since 1994 and has been on a journey of self discovery and self mastery since 1996. He continues to do deep work in the techniques he facilitates and others that are not mentioned on this site. He also does several techniques as a spiritual practice including meditation that contribute to his personal healing and growth. We believe for us to offer our best work and clarity to our participants we must also continue our journey, personal transformation and self mastery.

Our purpose is to assist people in resolving what holds them back in life and in becoming more prosperous, have better relationships, resolve childhood issues, heal trauma and birth issues, recover from addictions, address fears and phobias, and heal emotional pain and their "story."To discover freedom from traumas, fears, old life decisions, old family patterns and stuck relationships.

And to help them discover their authentic self and live from that place toward their true life's purpose. And to assist our participants in awakening to their true nature and the true nature of life and others. Truth provides a path to freedom.


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* All of the photos on this website have been taken by Robert as he has travelled widely as part of his healing and spiritual path and sometimes for pleasure of the photography itself. He enjoys the process of photography and is honored to share his work with you on this site and our other site Robert Keller Counseling. Some of these photos may appear to be Black and White but they are Infrared Photography from a converted digital camera.