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Meditation RetreatsRocks and Ferns next to Pond, Japanese Garden, Portland

During the Meditation Retreat you are asked to set aside all distractions and engage in a monastic lifestyle in order to free your energy and attention for the practice at hand. Your practice is to contemplate a question such as ‘Who am I?’ and communicate to a partner what has occurred. You choose a new partner for each 40-minute period. Throughout the day you have breaks for walks, rest, meals, and lectures. Other questions you may work on are, “What am I?”,

“What is Life?”, and “What is Another?” This journey of exploration, healing and awakening reveals that our deepest truths may be found within ourselves and through our honest interaction with others.
First developed in 1968, hundreds of thousands of people world-wide have participated in this honorable, heart-to-heart format for awakening to who we are, what life is and what others are.

What does it do for people?

"After the Enlightenment Intensive I felt full up for the first time in my life. I kept remembering the Biblical saying, “My cup runneth over” because that fit exactly how I felt. I’d never felt that before. I had always had a hollow, empty feeling that I tried to fill with relationships, cigarettes, food, anything, and for the first time I didn’t feel the need to fill myself up with anything. I was full. And some part of that feeling has never gone away.”

At the Meditation Retreat, you will…

•Gain a new, stable foothold in your Highest Self and your highest priorities
•Experience the elation of living from your own truth, rather than the "truths" of your parents, partners or social circles.
•Find ecstatic release from the limiting traps and beliefs your ego-mind (fear) has constructed, thinking they are good for you (hint: they are not).
•Unburden your heart of its unneeded armor, and feel love pouring forth without limit.
•Learn to feel, know and speak your authentic self so that you will be seen, felt and loved for who you actually are!
•Experience divinity, infinity and profound unity with all that is.
•Open new gateways to love through profound acceptance of yourself and others.
•Accelerate your passion, purpose and awaken from whatever blocks have been holding you back.

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Upcoming Events

Next Retreat is February 19th - 23rd, 2015

This event is $600.00 all inclusive.



Benefits of the Meditation Retreat

•You will naturally understand others and feel their depth, having mastered the process of authentic listening.

•You will naturally embody a new alertness, attentiveness, centeredness, and genuine undistracted compassion.

•You will inspire more trust of yourself in others.

•You will connect meaningfully with everyone you know and love and inspire then to connect from their most authentic core back with you.

•You will live with greater and vivid mental clarity and be able to recognize and dismiss all the false-self thoughts and habits that present themselves -- as they arise.

•You will exhibit peace and a buoyancy of character born of a new, natural and healthy detachment from "the small stuff" that used to seem so urgent.

•Your friendships and intimate loving will bond more deeply and irreversibly because they derive from who you really are.

•You will possess an unassailable spiritual practice of self-acceptance.

•You will feel at ease with yourself and with others as they are -- and communicate with a new honestly and fearlessness.

•You will naturally continue to evolve -- because you will be freed from all the baggage and limiting mind-habits and beliefs that have blocked you in the past.

•You will naturally know what is right -- for you. Your best, your highest path will become gently clear, and when it isn't, you will have the tools to awaken what is true and what is right for you -- anytime, anywhere.